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Bobcat TV is the video production branch of The Byram Hills Media Center.

In an environment of mutual respect, the Byram Hills Central School District and its community will provide students with the means, the knowledge, and the opportunity to excel in order to become productive and responsible citizens of the 21st century. The mission of BobcatTV is to benefit all of the Byram Hills community, encompassing the Town of North Castle and the Byram Hills Central School District. BobcatTV will increase communications within the Byram Hills community, and promote district initiatives, student accomplishments, and student activities.

To accomplish its mission, BobcatTV will actively seek the participation of students, teachers and community volunteers in its programming and operations by making available instruction in the use of video equipment, assisting in the development and production of programs to the extent that resources permit, and otherwise providing a structure in which everyone on the BobcatTV crew can learn, create and develop ways to get involved in this educational channel.

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