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Meet Deepak Marwah


Meet Rob Castagna 


Teacher Recognition Award: Thomas Andriello 


Teacher Recognition Award: Christina Vezza 


Teacher Recognition Award: Natalie Reilly 


Teacher Recognition Award: Jennifer Rowell 


Cabaret 2015: From Hippies to Hipsters 


Cum Laude Induction Ceremony 


Meet The Director of Technology: Andrew Taylor 


STEAM Initiative 


Holiday Message from Dr. Donohue 


PTSA Panelist Discussion - NY State Education Reform 


Art Show Promo 


Mindset Panel Discussion 



Volunteerism: Bobcat TV 


Action Research: Tim’s Opening 


Action Research: Lewick 


Action Research: Barthemeles 


Collaborations: FINALE


Collaborations: Maggie Flynn


Collaborations: Skid Row


Bobcat TV 10 Year Anniversary Special 


BHEF Promotional Video


EVEN Lecture 


EVEN - Opening Video with Glenn Close


Volunteerism: Theatre Parents 


Message from the Superintendent: 1:1 Chromebooks 


Lens: Science Roller Coasters 


Debra Yale Foundation Video 


Alumni Interview with Aaron Lustlader 


Science Symposium - Part 1


Science Symposium - Part 2


Science Symposium - Part 3


Chem Quest 


Senior Tribute 



Message from the Superintendent - Homecoming Special 


Lens into the Classroom: BHHS Engineering and Design Club 


Message from the Superintendent: Alumni Special 


GVD Teaser Trailer 


TechSmart Takeaways - BHEF Presentation 


GVD Introduction Video


GVD Opening Ceremony 


GVD Nigerian Drummer 


GVD Irish Step Dancers 


GVD Indonesian Balinese Dance 


GVD Moroccan Belly Dance 


GVD Brazilian Capoiera Dancers 



A Message from the Superintendent 


Welcome Back 


Message from the Superintendent 


Common Core Standards with Dr. Tim Kaltenecker


A Message from the Superintendent: Holiday Greetings 


Alumni Show - Introduction 


Alumni Show: Finale


Alumni Show: David Harbour


Alumni Show: Water's Edge


Alumni Show: Follow Me


Alumni Show: Peter Gallagher & Grant Sturiale


Alumni Show: Tradition


Alumni Show: Lullaby of Broadway


Alumni Show: Welcome


Alumni Show: Goodbye, Dream, Goodbye


Alumni Show: My Funny Valentine


Alumni Show: Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Alumni Show: Cockeyed Optimist


Alumni Show: Dana Cook Remarks


Alumni Show: You'll Never Walk Alone


Alumni Show: An Affair to Remember


Alumni Show: Night and Day


Alumni Show: Look, Look Away


Alumni Show: Rich DiFillipo Remarks


Alumni Show: All At Once You Love Her


Alumni Show: Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm


Alumni Show: Dr. Donohue Remarks


Alumni Show: Empty Chair at Empty Tables


Alumni Show: I Feel Pretty


Alumni Show: Something's Coming


Alumni Show: I Know Things Now


Alumni Show: Moments in the Woods






Message from the Superintendent - Safety and Security 

March 2013


GVD Living History Stories: Armenia


GVD Living History Stories: Brazil


GVD Living History Stories: England


GVD Living History Stories: Canada


GVD Living History Stories: Korea


GVD Living History Stories: Scotland


GVD Opening Ceremony


GVD Armenian Sushi Dance


GVD Fusion Dance


GVD Indian Dance


GVD Jack Skieroes Cello


GVD Polish Folk Dance


GVD Red Hawk Dance


GVD Scottish Bagpipers


GVD Sitar Performance


GVD South Korean Twae Kwan Doe


GVD Wampus Quartet


Lens: Coman Hill Tech



Welcome Back 


Back to School Night


Teacher Recognition Awards


Volunteer Promo 


Message From Superintendent 


LENS: Music Assessment Program


LENS: Music Assessment Performance


Student Retirement Video


Retirement Dinner 


Lens: Wampus Tech: Robotics


Lens: Wampus Tech: Probes


Welcome Back 


Curriculum Connections 001


Jackie's Address - October 


Curriculum Connections 002:

Alumni Profile: David Aulicino 


Curriculum Connections 003:

Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying


Jackie's Address - December


Curriculum Connections: A Video Blog with Tim Kaltenecker

Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying at HCC Middle School 


Curriculum Connections: A Video Blog with Tim Kaltenecker

An Interview with Judge Elyse Lazansky, Town Justice of North Castle 


PTSA C.H.I.L.D. presents Bullying Prevention: What Works and What More Can Be Done


50th Birthday Celebration - POUND


50th Birthday Celebration - HCC Tour


Cindy Strickland


Dr. Jackie Message 


Global Village Day Promo 


Lens Into Classroom: Legislators Office w Dr. Tim


50th Celebration Dr. Jackie & Eve Rice


GVD: South Africa


GVD: Germany


GVD: China


GVD - Japan


GVD - Puerto Rico


GVD - Russia


GVD - Brazil 1


GVD - Brazil 2


GVD Egypt


GVD Germany


GVD Peru




Alumni Profile: David Harbour


Lens: Grade 2 Reading Program


Dr. Jackie Message 


50th Birthday Celebration: Alumni Profiles 


Byram Hills 50th Birthday Celebration


Senior Video from Jackie 


GVD Intro


GVD Strings


GVD Chinese Harp


GVD Egyptian Dance 


GVD Gumboot


GVD Brazilian Flute


GVD Japanese Drum


GVD Russian 


Year End with Jackie Taylor



ADJ Math 


Halloween Fun Run


Jackie's Address # 1 

Alumni Profile - Tom Kitt


Jackie's Address #2 

Jackie's Address #3 

Message from the Superintendent 

Jackie's Address 

Global Village - Rikkah


Global Village - Leo


Global Village - Elisabeth


Global Village Promo


Global Village - Luisa 


Global village - Lulu Werner


Global Village - Joe Duffy


Global Village - Inwah Huh - South Korea


Global Village - Louise Kaminer - America


GlobalVillage - Demetri Papacostas - Greece


Global Village - Angela Geraldo - Colombia


Global Village - John and Bertha Leinung - America


Global Village: Opening Ceremony 

Global Village: Thailand Dancers 

Jackie Address 


Ask Dr. Jackie - Transition Part 1


Welcome Back! 


Ask Dr Jackie: Transitions Part II


Alumni Profile: Dr. James Stigler




ADJ: World Languages


Jackie - Year End

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